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Mildura Living Magazine 

A glossy, full colour, sophisticated lifestyle magazine showcasing the best of Mildura and the Sunraysia region. Published quarterly, inline with the seasons, Mildura Living magazine has a focus on style and aspirational living and will take pride of place on even the most discerning of coffee tables.
Mildura Living magazine showcases the region’s talented people, incredible places, regional events, along with popular and unusual places to visit. Each issue will explore some of the regions wineries, eateries and restaurants, from the cheap and cheerful to a totally gourmet experience.
The magazine features the regions arts and artists, plus shopping tips and experiences ensuring each issue includes many
of the things that most interest our readership.


People & Places

Included are regular articles on
the many interesting local people.
We discover what they are
doing and where, such as Mildura's ex-pats and interesting collectors of the region.  

Mildura Living Magazine also features the regions dynamic locations are featured, including those readers like to visit and some they may not have even heard of.

Luxury Homes & Gardens

Our Garden and Architecture
writers discover local luxury
homes and inspirational gardens. These are featured with exceptional photography reflecting the lifestyles enjoyed in these private properties.

Each quarter you will be taken to local gardens, meet the gardeners and hear about their own piece of paradise. And our seasonal gardening guide will ensure you know what to do in your garden.


Food & Wine

Each issue will explore our local
eateries, restaurants and wineries.
Our wine writer will feature the regions iconic, and the sometimes lesser known wineries and wines to try and enjoy complementing our write-ups on local restaurants.

Mildura Living Magazine is a great guide to dining out around the region. It takes you to some of the regions eateries ranging from the gourmet to great food on a budget.


Current Issue

Winter 2016


The chilly winter mornings give pause for thought…what is it that makes us get out of bed each day?!
Of course, it’s different things for different people.  But one of the great pleasures of producing each issue of Mildura Living Magazine is meeting so many inspiring local people who seem to have a spring in their step every morning.
They’ve found what is, for them, ‘that thing’ – it challenges them, makes them who they are, it’s their passion or pleasure.  It gives them direction and purpose and energizes their personality.
People like Mildura newsagent John Klemm, who still loves getting up for work even after 52 years in the trade.  For him, he says, it’s not so much the work, but the people.
Gol Gol’s, Glenek Underhill has reinvigorated his working day and his lifestyle with a dramatic mid-life career change. Every day brings a new challenge and new learning – and Glenek couldn’t be happier.
A passion for cars drives Irymple’s Ang Rodi.  “Fuel runs through his veins”, and the results are stunning in their detail and their craftsmanship.
They’re invigorating people to be around and it’s a wonderful thing, to be energized by a passion that gives life meaning and defines a character.
But if you haven’t quite found ‘that thing’ yet – that challenge, hobby or job that will let you bounce through winter – there’s always a roaring fire and a glass of red!

Local Produce

There is little better than freshlocal produce and our food writers will help you with some unique recipes, using seasonal produce, that will surely impress.

The Arts & Events

Local art & artists are featured
in each issue showcasing new and interesting works and the creative people behind them.

We also keep you up to date on local events, established
performers and newcomers to watch.


The Latest Trends

If a spot of retail therapy is your
thing let us do the hunting for you. In each issue we help you find what you need to look your best.

And to keep you looking andfeeling great turn to Health and Well-being for hints to keep you at your best inside and out.

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